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Eagle PGC recently achieved the ‘R’ stamp certification on January 26, 2024, issued by The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI). This certification, tailored for the alteration or repair of steam boilers, ensures compliance with stringent code requirements and designates skilled fabricators for these critical tasks, placing responsibility on the pressure vessel owner or user for regulatory adherence through collaboration with a certified repair organization and an authorized inspector.

The ASME R-stamp requirements, derived from the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC), delineate comprehensive guidelines. When a pressure vessel or boiler necessitates repair, alteration, or rerating, the jurisdiction or owner/user may mandate an R-stamp. In instances where the original construction adheres to the ASME code, repairs and alterations should align with the relevant section and edition of the ASME code.

In essence, R-Stamp certification becomes imperative for any repairs within the pressure zones of tanks, distinguishing between ‘code’ repairs addressing the vessel’s pressure boundary and ‘non-code’ repairs for non-pressure areas. Moreover, alterations and retrofits may require R-Stamp certification, a determination skillfully made by experienced certified repair organizations.

Eagle PGC’s Field Service team, equipped with R-Stamp certification, provides comprehensive vessel and tank field services, covering ASME/National Board R-Stamp repairs, surface finish repairs, non-code repairs, alterations, and more. Depending on complexity and vessel size, on-site repairs are conducted, though in certain cases, tanks or vessels may undergo meticulous repair or modification at the factory.

Their vessel/tank field services encompass troubleshooting for various tanks, ASME/National Board R-Stamp repairs and modifications, surface finish repairs, non-code repairs, alterations, retrofits (including piping and heat transfer jackets), seal and agitation repairs, accessory repairs, head and tank shell repairs, leak detection, audits, service contracts, as well as the relocation of fittings and re-rating of pressures on tanks.

EAGLE PGC takes pride in its fully certified ASME welders, a testament to their commitment to the highest standards. The company consistently undergoes audits and inspections by ASME compliance and safety professionals, affirming the welders’ consistency and the effectiveness of their quality control department.

The ‘R’ stamp, awarded by NBBI, empowers recipients to repair and alter pressure-retaining equipment such as pressure vessels and boilers. To obtain the R stamp and Certificate of Authorization, manufacturers or organizations must adhere to stringent requirements, including maintaining a quality system compliant with the NBIC, retaining the current NBIC editions, ensuring accessibility to construction codes relevant to the scope of work, having an inspection agreement with an NBBI-authorized agency, and completing the comprehensive application process for the R Stamp Certificate of Authorization.